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Legislative Efforts To Abolish
No-Fault Divorce

Follow Bills Related To No-Fault Divorce Grounds

Legislative Watch

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Co-sponsored by majority Republicans, this bill would introduce UNILATERAL no-fault divorce in a State that currently only allows MUTUAL no-fault divorce.

Introduced by Rep. Tony Randolph

Introduced by Rep. Tony Randolph.

Introduced by Rep. Tony Randolph.

This bill was introduced by Rep. Matthew Krause. It would modify the Texas Family Code so that one person alone could NOT use "insupportability" to FORCE divorce on his or her spouse. This would require mutual consent. 

Introduced by Rep. Matthew Krause, this bill would eliminate no-fault grounds of "insupportability" in its entirety.

Introduced by Representative Travis Dunlap, this bill would have put additional waiting periods and roadblocks for obtaining divorce.

Introduced by Rep. John Bradford.

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